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By enhancing the Coach House’s brand identity and engaging in local advertising, can the Hampton Road’s restaurant increase their brand awareness? The short answer - absolutely.


Visited the Coach House restaurant for a meal while immersing ourselves into the Hampton Roads area

Created a survey to better understand how often people dine in a restaurant and how willing they are to travel to try something new

Crafted new identity guidelines and brand pillars to showcase the authenticity and history of the Coach House

Researched and contacted local publications to advertise in

Designed advertisements and brand assets to tie everything together in real life and digitally




We knew that we needed to uncover who the Coach House was, and highlight their identity in everything we do. We knew the restaurant wanted a bit of a refresh, but we also wanted to provide them the differentiation to succeed not just in the area, but across southeastern Virginia.


Current logo


John Power (Owner)



From the lanterns that frame the entryway and the locally-made wooden tables, to the craft cocktails and versatile menu —  every facet of the Coach House has been carefully thought out. A good restaurant is not an accident - it is the sum of many intentional, thoughtful choices. 


Many new restaurants tend to feel the same - minimal, modern, small plates, complicated mezcal and elderberry cocktails that end up on Instagram. Coach House is a blend of classic Norfolk history and contemporary dining. Additionally, the menu and atmosphere are such that guests can choose their own experience, whether it be a three-course meal, drinks and apps, date night or dinner for one at the bar. 


When you combine good food, a warm and welcoming staff of people who’re happy to be at work, a lovely outdoor patio, a lively bar and just the right playlist, going out to dinner becomes so much more than just eating a meal. It’s an experience — one meant to be shared, celebrated and cherished. Going out to eat is supposed to be fun. And at Coach House, it is. 


Situated on North Colley Avenue, in a building that’s no stranger to the area, is Norfolk’s newest dining venture: the Coach House Bar and Grill (opened this year, TWICE!) By John Power, co-owner of the Blue Point in Duck, N.C., Kevin Kern, former No Frill Chef and Dana Kern, Kevin’s wife and former No Frill Manager. 

When you walk into the restaurant for the first time, it is John, Kevin and Dana’s hope that you’ll feel like you’ve been here before, and that you have, beyond a shadow of doubt, chosen the right place to have a meal. 

And while Coach House is all about the here and now, its current state has been informed by the former occupants of this classic Colley Ave. building. In fact, it was in this same building, at a restaurant + bar then called The Coach House where John sat with his Norfolk “cronies”— drinking PBR, perfecting his pool game and eating cheap, delicious cheeseburgers. And it was only a decade before that when John’s father sat in the same spot at a restaurant called The Igloo. The recycled name pays homage to the space that has for so long been a staple gathering point, where friends, family and acquaintances can enjoy each other’s company over shared food and drinks. Where a meal out of home, or simply a drink at the bar, becomes something of a sacred ritual. That neighborhood joint.  The “third” place in our everyday lives.

This building has served all walks of life for generations, but this is a new beginning. The Coach House story remains entirely unwritten, and it remains up to Norfolk’s current generation of eaters to write it. 


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Old website

New website




Our team also provided PAH with social guidelines, a content calendar, hashtags, and a tutorial for creating Facebook ads.


Artist Features


Instagram Highlight Icons


Often, PAH gains customers by word-of-mouth. We created a brochure for the people who commonly refer customers to PAH (like galleries and frame shops) to make sharing the word easy. The brochure encapsulates all PAH has to offer.




In order to further build customer relationships, our team made a series of postcards PAH could send to past business partners or customers to thank them. Postcards can also be used to get the word out about their new service offerings.